Proscape owes its success and its sterling reputation to our management team. These experienced industry leaders have dedicated their remarkable expertise in the fields of business, accounting, human resources, horticulture, agronomy, turf management, and quality control to make sure each of our clients receives the highest level of service. When you engage Proscape, you partner with an outstanding team of accomplished professionals.

John Pontarelli
John Pontarelli

Founder + President

With nothing more than a few hand tools, used lawnmowers, and an old truck, John founded Proscape in 1995. Under his leadership, the company has grown into an award-winning commercial landscaping company with the latest technological tools and a fleet of 20+ commercial trucks that services southern New England.

Dan Buttner

Director of Landscape Development

From the development and preparation of landscape construction plans and specifications to the actual installation of a Proscape project, Dan oversees it all. Thanks to his comprehensive construction knowledge and years of experience, Dan completes all our landscape construction and enhancement projects with great precision and business minded efficiency.

Jessica Beattie


Jessica is responsible for all aspects of Proscape’s accounting operations and provides fiscal management for the entire company. Her wealth of experience and skill in budgetary management, forecasting, and in-depth financial analysis are invaluable.

Matthew Palin

Design + Enhancements

Matt turns ideas into actionable plans. He reviews all our shop drawings for accuracy and conformity with approved specifications and provides vital recommendations concerning landscape architecture and design details. Matt’s years of experience in landscape architecture help him perfect and shape the design of many Proscape projects.

Eric Pontarelli

Field Supervisor

Eric oversees Proscape crews in Rhode Island and Connecticut and takes the lead on training and safety development with all our employees. By scheduling work assignments, setting priorities, and directing work at various sites, Eric coordinates the action at Proscape and keeps projects moving. He also ensures that any contracted services we use are reputable, responsible, and timely.

Charles McHugh

Account Manager

As one of two primary customer contacts for contracted accounts, Charles maintains positive customer relations while proactively managing properties. He is the liaison between customers and cross-functional internal teams, ensuring the timely and successful completion of projects. As if that wasn’t enough, Charles also performs quality control site inspections and produces technical reports.

Mike Morin

Account Manager

Mike negotiates contracts and keeps Proscape clients happy. Certified in quality control management, Mike inspects job sites and locates potential issues before they become problems. He is the lead point of contact to clients and is able to clearly communicate about the progress of a project to all stakeholders, as well as define appropriate resolutions for any issues that may arise.

Tim Diskin

Client Relations Specialist + Business Development

Tim directs the expansion, evolution and growth of Proscape by proactively partnering with our clients. As head of business development, he fosters new client relationships by providing exceptional vision, implementation, and support.

Marie Palazzo

Administrative Assistant

Marie makes the world go ‘round. She is a multi-talented multi-tasker who takes care of Proscape business operations, customer relations, support staff and administrative tasks. When you call us, it’s likely that Marie will be on the other end of the phone. She keeps our clients happy and our company running smoothly.

Louis Fernandez
Louis Fernandez

Massachusetts Regional Manager

Louis oversees and directs daily Proscape operations in the Massachusetts area. He works in conjunction with our sales department to generate revenue and is responsible for all profit-making ventures within his division. Louis’ direction and leadership ensure effective operations, complete customer satisfaction, and long-term sustainable growth.

Dean Ricci

Lawn Care Technician

Dean has a keen eye for “all things lawn.” Although he specializes in fertilization techniques, Dean also has extensive knowledge in all aspects of lawn pest control. Dean makes lawns flourish by discussing proper maintenance practices with clients and checking in to make sure treatments are successful.

Amy Kessler

Interactive Marketing + Special Projects

Amy’s marketing experience and communication skills contribute to Proscape’s growth and development. By expanding marketing strategies and identifying new initiatives, Amy works with the team to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Amy is also involved with market research, community relations, and cross-media promotion.