We treat all our customers as our neighbors. That means we do everything within our power to simplify your life and beautify your property. Our national award winning team of experts have a deep understanding of landscape design and maintenance. We are all committed to making your Proscape experience nothing less than outstanding.

Proactive Partnership

Our tagline—Your partner in landscaping—says it all. We want to collaborate with you and inform you about the needs of your property, consistently identifying and acting on potential problems before they arise.

Responsive, Courteous and Reliable Service

Our goal is to provide you with efficient and reliable service, answering your questions and handling any issues in a courteous and professional manner.

Enhanced, Effective Signage

We can work with your existing signage to create a landscape that draws people in. Where once a sign was passed by without a second look, now prospective tenants are taking notice.

Control Costs

A comprehensive assessment of your landscaping needs helps us identify and provide solutions for a variety of potential issues that will help save you money in the long run.


Whether it’s visitors to your property, employees, or current tenants, onsite safety is always our priority. We also make sure our team is safely and appropriately prepared to handle the tasks associated with your property.


We are experts in the field and knowledgeable on all landscape topics and issues. Our expertise means you can sit back and let us take care of your property, while you put time and effort into the needs of your business.


We are constantly evolving our technology and programs with your needs in mind. Our latest technology software systems keep us informed, up-to-date, and in communication with you at all times.

Meticulous and Attractive Landscapes

We give the exterior of your property the same critical and meticulous care you give its interior, making sure nothing is out of place and everything is looking its best. We strive to enhance and accentuate your property’s inherent amenities. We also provide beautiful and appealing floral and holiday displays throughout the year.